I’ll Be Teaching FREE Cash Planning Workshops – Dates & Links Will Be Posted Here



A few days ago, I reached out to friends and people from my social media communities to offer to share a skill that may help many especially during these times of uncertainty. I can’t share cooking or workout tips because I seriously suck at both, but I can share a skill that may not be instagrammable but absolutely necessary: Daily Cash Planning using spreadsheets.

For the past few weeks, I have been working from home with our team from @rags2richesinc to continue creating livelihood for artisans, and with our team from #TalinoLabs to build inclusive tech start-ups. And while work has been busier than usual with back-to-back-to-back video calls and virtual meetings, I thought that I could use some of my no-traffic-no-commute time to share my spreadsheet skills and tools to others who may be needing them now more than ever.
When I posted on Facebook about my plan to offer the free virtual workshop, I got A LOT of replies and private messages. I felt the pain and panic of a lot of people but I also felt their proactive hope. So instead of just doing this once, I’ll be giving 3 workshops (for now) via different organizers. I am still fixing the details with the organizers and I’ll be posting them here when they are finalized.



I want to reach as many people as possible (which is why I canva-ed this. haha though I @canva_ph everything. It is my stress reliever) with these 3 workshops so that they can hopefully lead to better decisions and positive impact (and hopefully more jobs / jobs saved) for a lot of enterprises and organizations.

I’ll be posting the links and schedules to the virtual conferences here. Watch this space (literally haha).

First Session: with Impact Hub Manila 

Second Session: with Start Up Village 

Third Session: with Bounce Back PH

Link to the presentation

Link to the Google Sheets Template

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